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New Mummy Physical Wellness Check

New Mummy Physical Wellness Check

About Consultation:

For all those who have completed 6 weeks postnatal or more this is a lovely step to get back on track.

During this appointment you go through your pelvic floor function, breathing function, diastasis recti and body posture check using soft tissue therapy techniques to release any areas causing tension and restricted movements.

The aim of this appointment is to meet you and your body where it is at this time and to help support your body through the everchanging demands a baby can have on you.


  • Helps to know the core strength and body fitness
  • Will benefit you to understand the abdominal muscle separation/diastasis recti/or the belly bulge
  • Understand the pelvic floor muscles and learn strengthening/relaxing techniques/control over urine incontinence/resume the sexual life
  • Better awareness of the body postures while baby handling and daily activities.
  • Learn the first level exercises to start as per the mode of delivery (normal/caseraean)
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