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Birth Preparation/Mindful Birthing Classes

Birth Preparation/Mindful Birthing Classes

Birth Preparation involves taking steps to physically and emotionally prepare for labor, delivery and postpartum period. Every birth experience is unique and there is no “right” way to prepare for childbirth. We always have fear of unknown and hence at Motherina we thrive to guide you so that you can take well informed and confident decisions on this journey of motherhood.

Mindful birthing classes at Motherina are interactive, backed by latest research and designed as per the individual need of the mother. You may enroll yourself by week 26-28 for these classes or may take any individual class as per your need.

  • Class 1. Preparing your physical body for birth and recovery. You will learn the exercises for the optimal positioning of the baby and increasing the flexibility and strength of pelvic floor muscles for a normal birth and immediate postpartum.
  • Class 2. Preparing you emotionally for birth and recovery. You will learn various techniques of physical and emotional relaxation that in turn helps in optimal positioning of the baby and keeps you calm during pregnancy and birth.
  • Class 3. Connect with yourself and your baby to release any stress, anxiety or limiting thoughts about birthing and parenting. This is an emotional release session which helps you to become more confident and trust nature’s way of birthing.
  • Class 4. Preparing your labor bag and birth plan. You will learn the products required for mother and baby immediately after the birth and have clarity on your birthing plan.
  • Class 5. Learn the process of Labor and how the breathing and relaxation techniques work in conjugation with your pelvic floor muscles for an easy birth and shortening the length of labor. You may also bring in your partner/labor support person to attend the class.
  • Class 6. Prepare yourself for breastfeeding and baby care/handling your new born for colicky, burping and massages. You will learn the positions and techniques for a successful breastfeeding experience. Understand the myths related to low milk supply and poor weight gain of baby and many more.

Charges & Details of Classes:

  • Online Classes: Rs. 2000 for 1 Class or Rs. 10000 for All 6 Classes.
  • Offline Classes: Rs. 2500 for 1 Class or Rs. 12500 for All 6 Classes.
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