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Even though breastfeeding should come naturally to both the mother and the baby, some new moms may run into difficulties. Numerous concerns, such as tender breasts, latching troubles, and insufficient milk production, can make breastfeeding difficult and make you want to give up. However, it might be wiser to seek out professional assistance. The best person to turn to for advice and support in these situations is a lactation consultant. Our lactation consultants assist you in overcoming such difficulties by offering knowledgeable advice on approaches, actions, and positions to address these problems.

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Educational Services

It can be quite challenging to take care of the newborn baby, get used to being a new mother, and heal from the procedure at the same time. While you might feel like shedding those extra kilos and getting back to shape, it's equally important to take care of your nutritional requirements to ensure an adequate supply of breastmilk for your newborn. We provide the right post-pregnancy and lactation diets so that you lose weight without losing out on the right nutrients.

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Therapy Services

After the birth of your baby, it's crucial for you to regain the strength in your abdominal muscles because strong muscles help prevent lower back injuries, prevent the ‘dropping forward’ of the abdominal organs due to a lack of support, and help you regain a flat stomach. The pelvic floor muscles are also negatively impacted by pregnancy and childbirth and are essential for continence, pelvic stability, and sexual function. At Motherinacare, we provide the best postnatal physiotherapy services at home to ensure the utmost comfort and safety for the mother.

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Dai-Maa Services

Our Japa and Nannies/Daimaas are professionally trained and take joy in taking care of the mom and the baby in the initial 40 days of delivery. They are experienced in addressing every need of a newborn and a new mother in this recovery phase post-delivery. They provide skilled massages to the new mothers to ease the stiffness and pain in their bodies. They are also well-trained to take full responsibility for newborn care with patience, trust, and positive energy. They take care of everything from changing the baby’s diapers, bathing them, clothing them, massaging them, and preparing their food.
We provide daycare on demand, and all our services are customizable, so the rates may differ.

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