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Post Natal Physiotherapy for New Mummy

Post Natal Physiotherapy for New Mummy

During Pregnancy three major group of muscles the back, abdominals and pelvic floor gets majorly impacted as per the demand of growing baby. The abdominal muscles get separated, the back muscles are overstrained and pelvic floor muscles become weak.

Once you have completed the physical wellness check with one of the Motherina Physiotherapist you may start with physiotherapy sessions to strengthen the back and pelvic floor muscles and to correct the diastasis recti/abdominal muscle separation.

Also you may connect with us if facing any other discomfort like carpel tunnel syndrome, urinary incontinence or urinary retention, tailbone pain/coccydynia.

Session Type: Offline/Home/Clinic


  • Helps in correcting the diastasis recti and reduce the chances of abdominal hernia in future.
  • Strengthens the back and pelvic floor muscles to resume prepregnancy activities.
  • Helps to improve after pains and vaginismus/painful sex.
  • Get treated for muskulosketetal disorders like thoracic/mid back pain, tail bone pain, pubis symphysis pain, carpel tunnel syndrome etc.
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