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Post-Natal Yoga

One of the finest ways to hasten your recovery and regain your pre-pregnancy body is through postnatal yoga, as it is proven to restore your old body, boost your confidence, and properly heal the postpartum body. Our postnatal yoga services can help you deal with a number of problems, including backaches, exhaustion, poor posture, and general physical weakness.

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Massages after childbirth are therapeutic, as they provide relaxation, and pain relief, reduce stress levels, and induce better sleep. Postpartum massages relieve both physical and emotional discomfort by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and lowering stress hormones. Hormones such as estrogen rise significantly during pregnancy and then fall after delivery. Postpartum massage can help with hormone and mood balance.

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After the birth of your baby, it's crucial for you to regain the strength in your abdominal muscles because strong muscles help prevent lower back injuries, prevent the ‘dropping forward’ of the abdominal organs due to a lack of support, and help you regain a flat stomach. The pelvic floor muscles are also negatively impacted by pregnancy and childbirth and are essential for continence, pelvic stability, and sexual function. At Motherinacare, we provide the best postnatal physiotherapy services at home to ensure the utmost comfort and safety for the mother.

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