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Even though breastfeeding should come naturally to both the mother and the baby, some new moms may run into difficulties. Numerous concerns, such as tender breasts, latching troubles, and insufficient milk production, can make breastfeeding difficult and make you want to give up. However, it might be wiser to seek out professional assistance. The best person to turn to for advice and support in these situations is a lactation consultant. Our lactation consultants assist you in overcoming such difficulties by offering knowledgeable advice on approaches, actions, and positions to address these problems.

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Diet Planning

It can be quite challenging to take care of the newborn baby, get used to being a new mother, and heal from the procedure at the same time. While you might feel like shedding those extra kilos and getting back to shape, it's equally important to take care of your nutritional requirements to ensure an adequate supply of breastmilk for your new-born. We provide the right post-pregnancy and lactation diets so that you lose weight without losing out on the right nutrients.

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Post childbirth, a woman experiences many physical and emotional difficulties, including lack of sleep, new responsibilities, physical weakness, etc., this is known as 'Baby Blues'. For new mothers, experiencing 'Baby Blues' after giving birth is rather common. These feelings typically pass after a week or two. But not getting any support from their family or friends can trigger more powerful emotions inside her that can lead to Postpartum Depression. Although PPD can be powerful and last longer, doesn’t mean it cannot be cured. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Choose Health, not suffering. Consult our highly skilled team of professionals for compassionate & focused care.

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While childbirth and pregnancy can be incredibly joyful experiences, they can also be incredibly complex and have varying effects on each body. Post-pregnancy your body changes. Your muscles, especially those in your pelvic floor and abdomen, stretch. Also, your ligaments soften. Ligaments connect bone to bone and provide vital support for your joints. Doing simple exercises and forming healthy habits can help you strengthen these muscles and recover from many of these changes that your body has endured. Connect with us to understand more about your body and get the right postnatal physiotherapy consultation.

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