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How I'Mother came into existence

Everyone says that their baby is their life, but they often forget about the life that brought their baby into this world. All over the globe, nearly 4 lac babies are born every day, but at the same time, the mother also undergoes a rebirth and requires the same amount of care and attention. 

And we are not talking about one mother, around 2 lac mothers are born every day, each one different from the other. Every mother goes through a different experience and has different queries and issues as well. While some struggle with lactation, others are worried about getting back into shape.

As a doctor in the field of postnatal care, our CEO & Founder, Dr. Shalinta Tyagi has seen it all. Every day, she used to meet with tens of mothers and go through all kinds of queries and problems.  After wading through the issues of several mothers, she started sensing a pattern. Even though all of them had different queries and experiences, they were all equally confused and tired due to a lack of knowledge, awareness, and proper care. Even if they managed to gather appropriate information post their pregnancy, it was still extremely troublesome for them to get the professional services and the right products. 


Because although most doctors are competent enough to treat the mother in their respective specialized fields a new mother needs much more than just treatment. She wants a listening ear, a therapeutic touch, a helpful hand of assurance,  and someone to guide and support her feelings. 

Through her journey of teaching postnatal exercises, breastfeeding counseling, and therapies Dr. Shalinta began to wonder,

“How can I help these perplexed mothers?”

“How can I solve their problems whilst providing them with focused care?”

She realized that, despite being a doctor in the field of new mother care, Dr. Shalinta occasionally found it challenging to arrange appropriate resources like Japa/Nannys or specific products for new mothers.

Then, A thought struck, and a hidden cord of care & compassion struck.


She thought, “Why not provide mothers with a platform that serves as a one-stop solution to all their problems and queries, from the right education to the best products & services for postnatal care with utmost trust and compassion”

And that’s how I’mother came into existence.

 What Do We Want To Achieve?

To make motherhood a blissful experience by becoming the most trusted one-stop solution for Post-natal care for Mothers.

We will achieve our vision by

  - Building a strong connection with new moms

 - Guiding them through various stages of motherhood

 - Providing a highly skilled team of professionals

 - Offering integrated Postnatal care products & services under one roof

We live by these values 


One of our core values is compassion. We understand the pain that new mothers endure post-pregnancy and aim to support them in every possible way with a wide range of post-natal care products & services.


We intend to become the go-to brand for post-natal care products & services by building a loyal & trustful relationship with our existing & potential customers. 


We aim to deliver skilled & professional post-natal care services that are 100% safe for newly become mothers.